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13 Memes That All English Majors Will Relate To

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

By: Ayla-Rose Warth

1. Realizing their are some human characteristics that will be relatable for all of time.

Source: @firedrill on tumblr

2. When you are already having a bad day but the universe isn't done with you yet.

Source: @sparksnotes on Twitter

3. When your an expert on proper grammar . . .

Source: @vellicorvidae on tumblr

4. Speaking about your program to anyone outside of it . . .

Source: @ayyy_vuh on Twitter

5. When you begin to pick up on a few repeated themes specific to each writer.

Source: @literarymemes on Instagram

6. Experiencing the true magic of second-hand books with excellent notations inside.

Source: @notgrace on tumblr

7. "Oh you're an English major, so you want to be a teacher?"

Source @thenarator on tumblr.

8. Embracing the fact that you will never be short on reference materials.

Source: @what-even-is-thiss on tumblr

9. The struggle between being right and having friends.

Source: @MaraWilson on tumblr

10. When people improperly reference literary characters and themes . . .

Source: @raptorific on tumblr

11. We all have different writing styles . . .

Source: @marcvscicero on tumblr

12. Imagining what the interactions would be like if famous writers and their editors were alive today.

Source: @literaturememes__ on Instagram

13. When you have been trying so hard to finish an essay but you've reached the point where you can't even remember what point you were trying to make . . .

Source: Parks and Recreation


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