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A Collection of Poems

Please enjoy a couple of poems from an Algoma University student, Melanie Douglas


Medicated, inundated, overstated,

You bring the clue.

Devastated, aggravated, baited,

You just undo.

Magistrated, levitated, aided,

When does it stop?

Til its a flicker, I can't fall away,

Til its a flicker, I can't see straight.

This will happen at the carnival,

This will happen in the wilderness.

Sight with no eyes wants to play.

Come out, come out, its say,

Will you come out today?

Till its a flicker I have no choice,

Til its a flicker, I'm a battered chorus.


I guess I learn to sing in the ever-presence of,



The Weight of skin

The weight of skin is envy,

The weight of skin a try.

Like a drink in the desert, I needed this pry.

To cut the surface circus and dive so beneath,

Thank you for forgiving me,

Thank you for your feat.

I want to travel beside you but we both know I can't,

But you know I still want to,

You know I want that chance.

But this desert drink will quench me long,

Long after the rains have gone.

The weight of skin is intolerable,

The weight of skin is light.

I opened my morning window and embraced this fight.

This was and is a hard one,

Tearing at the heart of me.

The weight of skin is sorrow as it surrounds my healing being.

But it has to hurt if it is to heal,

So hear my morning song.

Thank you for your words and your song,

My old friend, travel long.


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