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A Return to the Classroom

By Elizabeth Davies

Algoma University has returned to in-person classes after nearly two years of remote learning. The pandemic and consequential quarantine have affected students in numerous ways, some were more comfortable with remote learning while others yearned for face-to-face classes. Something that makes Algoma University unique is the small class sizes that cultivate a familiarity between students and teachers. With the move to remote learning, it’s understandable to feel upset that part of a core life experience was restructured to take place from your home. The human connection that is experienced with in-person conversation is one that is hardly matched via zoom call.

Kaci Brisson, a second-year student at Algoma University is glad to be back on campus.

“I find that interactions with professors feel more genuine when we are face to face rather than talking through email or zoom. It’s also easier for me to focus when I’m in a learning environment as opposed to somewhere in my home”

When asked about her experience transitioning from online to in-person, Kaci found that it wasn’t the easiest.

“It was a rocky start for me, I didn’t enjoy the hybrid courses and never being certain of if we were going to have to switch back to online made me uneasy. I’m glad that this semester has been entirely in person!”

Another second-year student, Gibson Elek, agreed with Kaci’s stance on the quality environment that Algoma U provides.

“Being in person gives me incentive to go to class, and to have people surrounding me that are all here for the same reason makes it feel more ‘real’ per say. While I did find it easier to speak to my teachers online because I didn’t have to be seen, I much prefer the engaging experience I have being in a classroom”.

With things back in motion for on-campus activities, students are warmly welcomed to make use of what the campus has to offer. If you are unsure where to start, make sure to keep up with your Algoma University email for updates on events and student life!


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