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An Interview with Bridget Barton

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

By: Sara Couturier

Bridget Barton, 4th Year English and History Double-Major, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

I sat down with Bridget Barton recently to ask her some questions, or rather, to have her pick random numbers and then ask her the corresponding questions. Doesn’t that make an interview more exciting? Although, Bridget is already a super interesting person, so I’m sure any questions would have been great. Here are the ones she chose to answer!

Q. Why did you come to Algoma U?

“Because it was close to home, and would save me money.”

Q. If someone asked you for advice on making new friends, what would you say?

“I would suggest going out to the pubs and going to events, find friends in classes, and be friends with friends of your friends.”

Q. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

“Probably New York, for the reason that I watch How I Met Your Mother. I’ve never been there and I want to go to all the places that they go to.”

Q. What is your greatest fear and why?

“Currently? Not getting into teacher’s college, but generally speaking, deep water if I’m around a boat for fear of getting sucked under.”

Q. What is your worst habit and your best habit?

“Well my worst habit is sleeping in really late, and my best habit is doing a weekly clean of my room, and cleaning it all out and sweeping and dusting. Every week. Oh wait, can I change that? My worst habit is that apparently I drink water too loudly but my best habit is that I drink a lot of water.”

Q. Why are you studying the subject that you’re in?

“I actually started studying English because I didn’t like anything else here, but I chose History because I actually started to like it.”

Q. What is something kind that someone has done for you recently and what is something kind you’ve done for someone else recently?

“Something kind that I did for someone else recently is that my grandma and I made a bunch of mac and cheese for her neighbor and for my parents and packed it all up nicely. Something someone else did for me recently? Oh, my mom bought my Dairy Queen the other day.”


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